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Water & Flood Damage

Water in your home or business can cause several potential problems and should be addressed immediately. Restoration Techs are ready to respond quickly to provide solutions for any type of loss due to water damage and to reduce the overall damage and costs associated with restoring the affected structure and contents.

Restoration Techs are trained and certified by the IICRC, the restoration industry’s leading authority for all repair companies, and adhere to their strict guidelines when mitigating water damage losses. Our certified technicians will offer expert, rapid structural drying to save our clients time and money with fewer repairs and contents damage. This means less downtime and inconvenience for businesses, tenants, and owners. Restoration Techs sets the standard for professional water damage mitigation and structural drying services. Our staff is well trained, certified and updated on the latest industry standards and proven scientific drying methods.

We have an extensive inventory of specialized drying equipment ready at a moment’s notice, from air movers to trailer-mounted industrial desiccant dehumidifiers. This makes us uniquely qualified to promptly and reliably handle water damage claims of all sizes.
Our project approach is comprehensive and efficient. Using a combined drying system that correctly manages humidity, temperature, and airflow, Restoration Techs can reduce the amount of physical damage to the structure and diminish the risk of microbial amplification and contamination.

Areas of Expertise

  • Water Extraction & Pumping
  • Residential & Commercial Structural Drying
  • Specialty Drying (Hardwood, Marble, Ceramic Tile)
  • Concrete Drying
  • Crawl space & Confined Space Drying
  • New Construction Drying