Restoration Techs: Naperville’s Most Trusted Restoration Services Provider

Since we cannot predict when or where a disaster will occur, Naperville residents can find peace of mind by knowing certified restoration technicians are available to help them whenever disaster strikes. If you are a Naperville homeowner, business owner, or property manager, the full-service restoration company, Restoration Techs, Inc., can be trusted to provide the help and service you need.

Naperville, located 34 miles from Chicago, was named 2018’s best city to raise a family.  This well-established city is home to families, professionals, college students, and more. But, even in a city as idyllic as Naperville, disaster happens, and property owners will need restoration services.

For example, Naperville is above average for tornado activity compared to other cities in the US. Many Naperville residents still remember the F5 tornado that devastated the area 11 miles from the Naperville city center in 1990. This tornado left severe home damage and lives lost in its wake. When tornados and other natural disasters happen, disaster restoration professionals are who homeowners and property owners call to restore their homes and peace of mind.

Additionally, the Naperville Fire Department answered over 14,000 calls for service in 2017. Even after Naperville Fire Department has answered the calls and put out the fire, property owners are left with fire damage. This is when Restoration Techs comes to provide the additional help you need to get back on your feet.

Restoration Techs, Inc. is Naperville’s most trusted disaster restoration services provider. We have the skills and tools to restore your property.

Helping Naperville Residents and Property Owners for 25+ Years

As a family-owned and operated business, Restoration Techs, Inc. takes pride in the 25+ years we have served the Naperville community. Naperville residents have come to trust us as the consummate professionals when it comes to restoration services. It is our relationships with our clients that have sustained our business over the years. During over 25+ years in business, our clients have come to count on us for flood damage restoration, smoke damage repair, and disaster cleanup and recommend us to others in their time of need.

Who We Serve and Support

In addition to serving Naperville residents and homeowners, we also provide restoration services for Naperville business owners, commercial property owners, and property managers. Restoration Techs, Inc. also provides restoration services in Illinois cities such as Aurora.

Our service to the community does not stop with our professional restoration services. We also look for ways to become involved in bettering our local community. For example, we have worked directly with Kane County Toys for Tots since 2013 to help children in need to receive toys at Christmas.

Why Naperville Residents and Business Owners Call Restoration Techs When Damage Occurs

Restoration Techs, Inc. is continuously looking for the best and newest restoration processes using technology and methods that have been scientifically proven to work. Our Naperville clients have found this level of quality and care for over 25 years and trust us when disasters happen.

Not only is Restoration Techs knowledgeable about the latest and best restoration processes and experienced, but we are also certified damage restoration technicians. Certified by IICRC in water damage restoration, applied structural drying, fire & smoke damage repair and restoration, and more, Restoration Techs can be trusted to provide the highest quality service. Also, we are active members of the Restoration Industry Association (RIA).

Fire Restoration or Fire Damage Repair is Our Specialty

Fire is one of the most expensive damages to property. The costly damage includes fire damage that may not be as easily seen like soot damage or lingering odors. The professionals at Restoration Techs offer the best fire and smoke restoration services to help property owners restore any salvageable items. When fire damage is extensive, and reconstruction is necessary, Restoration Techs can help you rebuild and restore your property quickly.

Restoration Techs are the Experts When it Comes to Water Damage Repair

According to Water Damage Defense, “14,000 people in the US experience a water damage emergency at home or work each day” and “98% of basements in the US will experience some type of water damage during their lifespans.” Fortunately, Restoration Techs are experts when it comes to water removal and flood damage repair.

Do not make the mistake of trying to deal with your property’s water damage on your own. Water damage is costly, but if you do not use Restoration Techs water restoration services, you will end up with more costly damage. This is because the professionals at Restoration Techs are experts at water extraction and use rapid structural drying methods as part of their water damage restoration processes.

Restoration Techs Expertise Goes Beyond Fire Damage and Water Damage – We are a Full-Service Restoration Company

In addition to providing expert restorations services for fire damage and water damage, we are a full-service restoration company that provides expert services for all types of property damage in Naperville. Below you will find a brief overview of additional restoration services we offer:

  • Wind and Storm DamageIf your Naperville property is damaged by high winds, tornadoes, or storms, Restoration Techs can provide the services you need to address potential secondary damage like warping or mold growth.
  • Mold RemediationAs certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians by the IICRC, Restoration Techs are the experts when it comes to removing mold safely.
  • Content CleaningIn addition to restoring homes, Restoration Techs also have the skills and tools to clean possessions that have been damaged by water, fire, or smoke.
  • ReconstructionIf the damage to your property extends beyond the interior, Restoration Techs also provide reconstruction services such as replacing siding.
  • Bio-Recovery & Trauma CleanupWhen trauma occurs, Restoration Techs follow CDC standards with care and compassion.
  • Sewage CleanupSewage cleanup requires professionals to clean and decontaminate the areas that have been affected. Restoration Techs have the tools required for this dirty job.
  • HoardingRestoration Techs can help families discreetly and safely remove and restore a property belonging to someone with hoarding issues.
  • Large Loss RecoveryIf your business experiences loss and damage, Restoration Techs have the knowledge and experience to help you recover.
  • Disaster PlanningBusinesses can utilize Restoration Techs’ disaster planning system to help them plan for disasters in advance.
  • Structural DryingUsing rapid structural drying, Restoration Techs help property owners save on costly water damages by removing the excess water quickly.

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