If you live in the Aurora or Naperville areas, you may be wondering what sites you can follow to keep up with things that are going on regionally. When you’re a business owner, it’s especially helpful to pay attention to these types of websites, since they can alert you to the commercial needs of your city or county as well as any events you may want to attend as a vendor or presenter. In this article, you can find out some handy information about seven great sites to check out that can help you stay on top of the events and goings-on in your area and the surrounding ones.

  1. Patch – Aurora

    Patch is a helpful website that can be used to look up information for any zip code or city. Check the Aurora section of this site to keep up with events and happenings in the area and to pay attention to the news that may be breaking where you live. This part of the Patch site also includes North Aurora, so they aren’t separated into two different areas. You’ll need to pay attention to whether or not a story refers to Aurora or North Aurora on this site.

  2. Patch – Naperville

    Just like the Aurora version of this site, you can keep up with things that are happening in Naperville by checking out Patch. This is especially helpful for residents of the area, but it can also be beneficial for anyone running a business in this town. Depending on the type of business you own, you might need to know some of the information you can find by reading the stories linked on this site. Check it at least once a day if you’re looking for a way to stay updated on news stories from Naperville.

  3. Aurora Chamber of Commerce

    The Chamber of Commerce for Aurora is a handy resource for business information. This site can provide you with the help you need to get set up and started as a local business and to ensure you’ve got all the permits you need as well. It can also offer community info that can help you whether you’re a resident or a business owner. If you happen to be a property manager, you may also want to use this info to better understand the neighborhoods you’ll be working with, too.

  4. Naperville Chamber of Commerce

    Once again, just like the Aurora version, Naperville’s Chamber of Commerce website has everything you need to be a successful business owner in this area. You can check up on a list of local businesses to see about any competition you might want to pay attention to, and you can also register as a member of the Chamber too. Doing this will allow you to show up in searches by other businesses as well as residents and people thinking of moving to Naperville. Don’t forget to check out the Programs & Events tab to find out which events might be a good chance for you to showcase your business, too.

  5. Naperville Official

    The official Naperville website offers police reports and information, safety tips and updates, and information about the demographics of Naperville too. You can find various tips, guidelines, and other info directed at residents, businesses, and people who are thinking of moving to Naperville too. As a business owner, you may want to use this site to help you learn about the practices and permits you need to understand in order to operate legally in Naperville. You can also gather information here about events and city planning that may be going on in your area, too.

  6. North Aurora Official

    Most of the time, sites like this group North Aurora with Aurora. However, this specific official North Aurora site offers information about the area on its own as well. Checking out this site can give you information on the local government, contact info for utility services you may need, and schedules and guidelines for public transportation in the area, too. All of this information can be used to determine the location for a new business or to improve the advertising you use for your existing business, depending on what you’re looking for.

  7. Daily Herald

    This newspaper source can keep you abreast of things that are happening in the surrounding area as well as the larger region. This newspaper does not focus specifically on Aurora or Naperville, but does include them in its reports. Find out about events through this source or use it to pay attention to major changes that may be coming your way as a business owner in Illinois. If anything significant happens in terms of local ordinances, you can find out about it here as well.

  8. City of Aurora

    This is the official web site for the city of Aurora. Here, you can find information about public ordinances as well as official info you may need as a resident, a business owner, or both in Aurora.

As you can see, there are several useful sites you should keep in mind when trying to follow events and changes in Aurora, North Aurora, and Naperville. When you own a business such as a store, supplier, property management company, or any other commercial property in this area, it’s important to pay attention to these sources of information. They can help you understand your clientele a bit better and make changes as needed depending on updates to your local government and law, too. These types of sites can also help you make sure you have contact information handy for any emergency services you might need during the course of your business life.

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